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Ventura Medical Technologies signs an internship agreement with the Universidad-Empresa and the José Manuel Entrecanales Foundations

Ventura Medical Technologies signs an internship agreement with the Fundación Universidad-Empresa (FUE) and the Fundación José Manuel Entrecanales (FJME), within the framework of the program Start: Emprende tus prácticas (Start: take your apprenticeship).

Through this initiative, seniors willing to get to know about their future job are offered fellowships to learn about its development, as well as to combine work and study.

The Catalan Company seeks to encourage seniors’ innovation capacity by giving them the opportunity to take part in innovation projects from the medical sector, along with get started in the working world. The Company is committed with the academic background and with an early and successful integration in the job market. Taking part in a start-up gives the student a more creative sight of corporate world and business concept.

Ventura Medical Technologies is based on new medical technologies development, with capacity for innovation on the market as well as a high entrepreneurship potential. Both products’ design and marketing are performed on the basis of an open and continuous communication with the clients.

Furthermore, collaboration with the university world, which is the research and innovation engine amongst students, provides the possibility to discover young entrepreneurs willing to know our company and to take part of its projects, by bringing their knowhow and point of view.


“excellent opportunity for both students and us”

So far, several students have worked in the company premises collaborating in several projects such as the Pectus Up surgery kit, as well as in a number of aspects such as prototypes design and development, marketing, commercialisation and foreign trade. Lourdes Camp, CEO of Ventura Medical Technologies, has assessed the experience as “an excellent opportunity for both students and us”.

Every year, more than 100 students are given the chance to take their first working steps through the program Start: Emprende tus prácticas, in innovating sectors’ leading companies with growth potential and international scope.