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Surgical treatment

Pectus Up Surgery Kit

pectus-up-surgery-kitSurgical techniques evolve and new modifications are constantly being added. Ventura Medical Technologies has developed a new product called Pectus Up Surgical Kit for the surgical treatment of Pectus Excavatum through minimally invasive extra-thoracic repair.

Pectus Up Surgery Kit comprises an implant and a set of tools used in a new method which is extremely minimally invasive and, therefore, not very painful, requiring a short period of convalescence with no serious complications.

The procedure is as follows: the Pectus Up implant is positioned on the sternum subcutaneously in the most sunken part of the chest. Then, using a lifting system, the sternum is raised to the desired position and fixed in place using the implant.



This new and genuinely minimally invasive surgical treatment for Pectus Excavatum has significant advantages over pre-existing surgical techniques. The most important, above all, are that it is an extra-thoracic procedure implanted subcutaneously with everything that implies: reducing the risk of affecting the internal organs and of serious complications arising; an operation with very little pain and a low consumption of analgesics; limited blood loss; short recovery period; short duration of the surgery; does not tend to require intensive treatment; and few hospital stays.

Pectus Excavatum patients who have been treated with the Pectus Up Surgery Kit system highlight that it involves very little pain, they can return to normal life very quickly and they spend very little time in hospital. This is the result of the patient being submitted to a process that is minimally invasive and not complicated.