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Pectus Up

In 2012, Ventura Medical Technologies, along with Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí in Sabadell (Barcelona) developed a new surgical method named Taulinoplastia which offers an extrathoracic minimally invasive solution to fix the Pectus Excavatum. 

The new surgical technique for this pathology uses Pectus Up Surgery Kit system to fix the chest wall deformity and was performed for the first time in this hospital from Sabadell (Barcelona). Results have been very satisfactory from the beginning and more and more professionals are adopting this innovative extrathoracic surgery innovative method.

The Pectus Up represents an important technological breakthrough in the field of chest surgery to treat Pectus Excavatum as it is a minimally invasive method which considerably reduces the complexity and risks of the operation. This leads to a shorter patient recovery time and some very satisfactory results.

The patients with Pectus Excavatum who have been treated using the Pectus Up method highlight the relative lack of pain and the speedy return to a normal life.

See Pectus Up data sheet