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Recommendations for the patient with Pectus Excavatum

The patient should be given some recommendations even if not a candidate for a surgical procedure

  • Patients are recommended to do aerobic exercise, such as swimming or cycling.
  • The health professional overseeing the affected person should assess the extent to which the patient needs help or psychological support when living with the pathology.
  • With child and adolescent patients, it is advisable to counsel the family, as the members will play a key role in knowing whether the patient accepts or rejects the pathology.

The surgeon must bear in mind a series of warnings aimed at the patient

Post-operation care and supervision are important. Metallic setting devices are not designed to support the levels of activity or pressure of a normal healthy chest wall. The implant may loosen or move if it is has to support weight or pressure, undergo intensive activities or if serious injury is suffered.

The surgeon must advise the patient of the need to limit their activities correspondingly. The limitation on physical activity may vary depending on the patient, who must be warned that not complying with post-operation instructions may lead to the aforementioned complications. The patient should be informed and advised that the deformity may still be present either fully or to some degree – even after the surgery. Furthermore, prior to surgery, the patient should be warned of the general risks of the operation and the possible adverse effects, as detailed below.