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I consider the results of the experience globally excellent
When we were told about the new surgical technique I went somewhat calm. I needed to wait about two years before the surgery while corresponding permissions were obtained in my region. Although I was eager to turn this page, my parents and I decided to wait. Seen from now, it turned up to be a great idea.

Before undergoing the surgery, I was really distressed. I thought it would be extremely painful and aggressive. The day the thoracic surgeon, Dr. García Yuste, was explaining me the intervention I did get sick. Even if I wanted to have the surgery the sooner the better to put an end to my thorax deformity, on the other hand I wouldn’t want to even think about the post-surgery, which I thought would be terrible.

The postoperative period was far less painful than I had imagined. During the first two or three days I felt some pain peaks at times, but I was able to control them with analgesia. 48 hours later I was already walking around outside the room and wanting to eat, read, etc.

The rest of my hospitalisation was also quite bearable. When I was discharged from hospital I almost could be up and about, I did not need help with any ordinary activity and, except for some irregular pain if I roughly changed position, my condition was very good.

I consider the results of the experience globally excellent. During my hospitalisation I met a boy of my age which was to be intervened for the removal of the bar which he was implanted with the previous technique. When he told me about his postoperative period, that went terribly painful for weeks, I thought the decision to undergo this new procedure proved to be a good idea: comparatively, my experience was much more bearable.

Wound cures have been the only postoperative care I have needed. It has taken a while to close because the area needs some time to regenerate skin. However, with a little care in my sleeping positions and with periodic cures, I have faced no problem at all.

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AM, 18 years old - Valladolid, Spain
Surgery was a success and recovery was amazingly fast. He has no bad memory of either the intervention or of the following days.
On 21 April 2016, our 5-year old son was operated on for Pectus Excavatum using the Taulinoplastia technique. When we knew about this technique to correct the Pectus Excavatum we believed it was the best option, since it seemed much less invasive than other procedures we knew about. The surgeon, Dr. Bardají, clearly explained us the benefits of this technique and of performing the surgery at such an early age, as it was our case.

The intervention was a success and, as we were told by the doctor, recovery was amazingly fast. On the fourth day from the surgery we were going home without any sign of pain. At present, six months later, our son lives a normal life and has no bad memory of either the intervention or of the following days.




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MB, 5 - Barcelona, Spain
The operation was excellent and the pain after-surgery was minimal owing to the great technique and the simplicity of the procedure.
I would recommend this surgery to both younger patient as well as adults like me, that might have concerns about how painful or effective it will be, because in both cases the intervention will be a granted success and a great satisfaction!

When I went to ask consultations to fix my Pectus Excavatum I found that I was a special case and somehow complicated owing to my 21 years of age and to the fact that I was totally developed. However, my surgeon, Dr. Matilla, recommended a new technique, the Taulinoplastia, recently implemented and with very good results as well as minimally invasive.

And indeed, surgery was excellent and post-surgery pain was minimal, through a great technique and the simplicity of the procedure. Only some analgesics were needed during the 4 post-operative days and when I went home I did not need any kind of analgesia. I was up and about two weeks after leaving the hospital and so far there has been no complication at all.

I was only recommended a special cream so that the scar would not abnormally grow.


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MA, 21 - Valladolid, Spain
We want to encourage all patients with Pectus Excavatum needing a surgery to try this new technique
We are very happy about how everything has gone and with the results too. We are happy with our son’s evolution, with the prosthesis, and with the surgeon performing the operation.

Our 14-year old son was operated on last 29th June 2016 with the Pectus Up surgery Kit through the Taulinoplastia technique.

It all went well and the wound has healed fine. We do not need a consultation for a whole year. He is doing great and he has just started playing football.

We want to encourage all patients with Pectus Excavatum needing a surgery to try this new technique; much less invasive than what we had read was being performed so far. Recovery is also much faster and practically painless. We are grateful for the follow-up we have had, from the surgeon, Dr. Canalís and the nurse, to Ventura. We have felt accompanied all the time.

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MB, 14 - Barcelona, Spain