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Alfonso M., patient affected by Pectus Excavatum, talks about his experience with Pectus Up.


As a child, being affected by Pectus Excavatum I was ashamed to go to the swimming pool with my friends. It did not prevent me from doing any physical activity, but I had to do it very carefully, because the Pectus resulted in slight respiratory and heart problems.
Due to my Pectus, I was beginning to have postural problems and develop a slight scoliosis that got worse over the years. In addition, the doctor explained to me that having the sternum sunk was compressing my heart, so that the left part was slightly more developed in size than the right one.

From the age of 14 I was considering surgery, but the doctor told me that it was best to wait until I was 16. However, I was very afraid of being operated on with the techniques I have been explained, since they could cause many complications. After two years I saw the doctor again and he told that a new technique had been developed, although it was still in the process of implementation and was not performed in my region. This technique, according to the doctor, was much simpler and did not have as many risks as the previous ones, so I decided to wait two more years to undergo surgery with this new procedure, given all its advantages, even though I already really wanted to be operated on.


The truth is that I am very satisfied with the entire process of the surgery. I can’t complain. Upon leaving the operating room the feeling was a bit strange. The pain was uncomfortable at times, but with the prescribed painkillers it is bearable. A few days later I only had some discomfort when I needed to lie down or get out of bed, but during the day -except at very specific times- I hardly noticed it.
The recovery after having the Pectus Up implanted was annoying, especially because of the wound healing process, but after a few days I hardly felt any pain except when I laid down in certain ways.


When I had the plate removed, I did not feel any pain. I actually didn’t need any pain reliever at the hospital because I didn’t have any pain.
In this second recovery I only needed to be careful not to wet the wound during the healing process, which was much faster than in the first surgery (it was hardly 6-7 days).


Many aspects have improved as a result of the operation: the new tests on my heart, respiratory issues, and posture (spine) have remarkably improved.
It has also aesthetically improved a lot.


I would recommend the Pectus Up to other people affected by Pectus Excavatum. Although at the beginning any surgery can be scary, the truth is that I only had pain when the plate was implanted, and I did not have any discomfort during the time I wore it.

In the 2 and a half years I had the plate implanted, I could live an almost normal life, I was only warned to be careful when doing certain activities involving more thoracic movement such as golf, tennis … but I had no impediment in everything else.

The removal was totally painless, and the days I stayed in the hospital were as only a precautionary measure. A little later -just a few days- I was already living a totally normal life.

My relationship with the hospital where I was operated on has been very good. They have always concerned about me, both before and after the operation.

Alfonso M.