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Argentinian Conference on Thoracic Surgery welcomes Ventura MT

Dr. Laureano Molins gave a speech on Pectus Up in the 58th Argentinian Conference on Thoracic Surgery.  This was Ventura Medical Technologies’ contribution to the 85th Argentinian Congress on Surgery, and 58th Argentinian Conference on Thoracic Surgery, which took place from 3 to 6 Nov 2014.

In his speech, Dr. Laureano Molins, from Barcelona, Spain, presented Pectus Upthe new surgical method for treating Pectus Excavatum, which is being developed and distributed by Ventura Medical Technologies. Under the title ¨Taulinoplastia, a new technique for Pectus Excavatum”, Dr. Molins explained the main benefits of this revolutionary solution, which is far less invasive than the current techniques.

This speech attracted the attention of many thoracic surgeons worldwide.

Find more information on Pectus Up here.