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Daniel C., a patient affected by Pectus Excavatum, talks about his experience with Pectus Up


Before undergoing surgery with Pectus Up, my life was the same, but I had an internal complex that caused me to think every time I looked in the mirror that I wish I didn’t have that sinking in my chest. Going to the beach with my friends was hard for me, and I missed out many things during my youth because of this problem. Before learning the Pectus Up I had considered surgery, but it was not until I knew this technique that I made up my mind. Since then, I saved money while working, limited my expenses and decided to be operated on to boost my self-esteem and look better.


I knew about the  Pectus Up in the Internet. From a young age I browsed a lot on the internet, although I didn’t find much, until I saw the correct name of my problem was Pectus Excavatum. At the beginning I only saw hard surgeries like the bars one. But thanks to my insistence and my search I found the Pectus Up technique.

Overall, the experience with Pectus Up has been good. At first, when the surgery was recent, I had pain, but after a few days it got worse. Within a few days from the intervention, I was already recovered and could live my life normally.


After having undergone surgery with the Pectus Up I look physically more aesthetic. I am looking forward to removing the plate to stop thinking that I have it inside my body, but this has not been a problem.


I would recommend the surgery to anyone who is willing to have it. If you are going to change your mood, your happiness and wellbeing, of course. Otherwise, if it is something that really does not affect you, I would not.

The hospital was polite and friendly, but those who mostly accompanied me and helped throughout the entire experience was the surgeon who performed my surgery and the team of Ventura Medical Technologies.

Daniel C