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Diego B, from Mexico, talks about his experience with Pectus Up



My life before the surgery was affected by my condition, I became very agitated when doing physical activity, I felt palpitations often and sometimes I was short of breath.
Due to the affection, I could not take Physical Education classes. On the other hand, sometimes I couldn’t stay in the kitchen or the bathroom because of the steam I couldn’t breathe well.
Before the surgery I had a very pronounced depression in my chest, my scapulae were very pronounced and I had a very hunched posture. I had considered having surgery before learning about the Pectus Up. I decided to operate with the Pectus Up because it was the least invasive option. It would have helped me to have the opinion and experience of patients treated with Pectus up.


I got to know Pectus Up through its website and got in touch with Doctor Daniel Munguía. My level of satisfaction is very good.

The level of pain from least (1) to greatest (10):

Newly operated: 7
After a few days: 3
At 6 months: 1
After 1 year: 1

After the treatment, I have been able to breathe in places with steam, something that was previously impossible for me. I would recommend Pectus Up to others affected by Pectus Excavatum as the recovery has been very fast and the pain at home is tolerable.