The innovative surgical technique to fix the Pectus Excavatum is introduced in Colombia provided by thoracic surgeon Carlos Rodríguez Sabogal and pediatric surgeon Fernando Fierro Ávila.

Dr. Rodríguez, head of thorax surgery in Hospital Militar of Bogotá, and Dr. Fierro, Pediatric Surgeon in Hospital de la Misericordia (HOMI), led last September in Bogota the 1st training workshop held in Colombia to train pediatric and thoracic surgeons in different healthcare institutions in the country. More than 30 surgeons specialized in thoracic deformities took part in this training session on the handling of the Pectus Up Surgery Kit, the extrathoracic implant used in this surgical method.

The Experimental Surgery Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine in Universidad Militar was the venue for the Theoretical and Practical Workshop on this minimally invasive innovative technique named Taulinoplastia, which has already obtained the INVIMA registration.

The session was coordinated by the team of Mr. Edgar Salazar, general manager of Biomedisys SAS, Ventura Medical Technologies distributor in Colombia. Mr. Salazar has assessed the experience as a great participation success having created a big enthusiasm among all attendees.

Doctor Fernando Fierro Ávila

During the workshop all participants could train with the new extrathoracic device and discovered the main features of the Pectus Up.  There was a great deal of expectation for the paradigm shift implied by the new implant, and most of the workshop attending surgeons considered this method as a great treatment alternative for the Pectus Excavatum, thanks to the minor complexity and great efficiency of the procedure. After a long improvement process and clinical test, the Pectus Up is definitely established and all surgeons treating this affection and getting to know this new technique show a great interest in finding out the details and possibilities of this innovative device.

Colombia is the first country to introduce Taulinoplastia in the Latin American, but there are more and more surgeons in other countries, such as Mexico or Peru, having shown their interest in Pectus Up implantation in their hospitals, coming over to Spain to be trained and start their enabling process on the technique.