CWIG Annual Meeting 2020: Presentation of the Pectus Up for the treatment of Pectus Excavatum. Experience in Colombia

16 de November de 2020|Uncategorized|

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Sabogal introduces his experience with 20 Pectus Excavatum patients operated on with Pectus Up in Colombia. The Chest Wall International Group (CWIG) was born in 2009, [...]

The Hospital de Getafe in Madrid joins the Pectus Excavatum treatment with the Pectus Up

5 de November de 2020|General @en, General @en, General @en, General @en, General @en|

The Hospital Universitario de Getafe (Madrid) hosted its first Pectus Up surgery by Dr. Beatriz de Olaiz and Dr. Alejandra Romero. Dr. Beatriz de Olaiz, associate physician of the Thoracic [...]