January 2020


A patient from Ecuador operated on in Colombia with the Pectus Up extrathoracic implant

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Dr. Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Sabogal, an expert in chest deformities, practiced a new surgery on a 23-year-old patient affected by Pectus Excavatum, also called sunken chest. The patient came specifically [...]

A Pectus Excavatum patient travels from Romania to Logroño (Spain) to be operated on with the Pectus Up technique

21 de January de 2020|General @en, News|

The Pectus Up, an implant developed by Ventura Medical Technologies for the treatment of Pectus Excavatum, has been used for the first time in Logroño by the thoracic surgeon Carlos [...]

Dr. Andrés Varela and Dr. Javier Moradiellos perform a new Pectus Up surgery along with surgeons from Grenoble, France, and A Coruña

17 de January de 2020|Uncategorized|

A 34-year-old patient affected by Pectus Excavatum has been treated with the innovative Pectus Up technique by the team of Cirugía Torácica Avanzada at the Hospital Quirónsalud Madrid The implant, developed [...]