Pectus Up Surgery kit continues with its grow that has led it to England (United Kingdom) this December. During their visit to the British territory, the responsibles for Ventura Medical Technologies have visited several hospitals and met some physicians in order to make the Pectus Up Surgery Kit known.


Physicians and hospitals

Dr. Marco Scarci has received Ventura Medical Technologies in his office at the University College London hospital, located in the British capital. Scarci has shown interest in introducing the Pectus Up Surgery Kit in this hospital. He has also expressed his willingness to insert Ventura Medical Technologies’ product in Harley Street Clinic, a private hospital from the group HCA International, as well as in his private clinic associated with the group Aspire Hospitals.

Another visit was the one made to Dr. Nagarajan Muthialu, a thoracic surgeon from the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. This centre has become the reference health institution in the United Kingdom. Dr. Muthialu is also a founding member of the Dubai Health City.

To conclude the expedition, Ventura Medical Technologies has arranged a meeting with the doctors Sam Walmsley and David Williams, director and member respectively of the London Orthotic Consultancy. This health group has six private clinics and works to treat the Pectus Excavatum.


Training in Barcelona

Ventura Medical Technologies is planning a training led by expert surgeons in Pectus Excavatum in Barcelona, targeted at all those British physicians interested in learning the Taulinoplastia technique.



This surgical intervention, conducted through the Pectus Up Surgery Kit, provides a technological revolution in the world of thoracic surgery, both for the Pectus Excavatum treatment in a minimally invasive way, and for the significant reduction of the patient’s recovery time.