SECT brings together expert surgeons in Pectus Up® to talk about “the definitive solution” for the treatment of Pectus Excavatum

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Online, September 2022

Next September, the Spanish Society of Thoracic Surgery will hold a webinar session on the new generation of Pectus Up® aimed at industry experts interested in knowing “the definitive solution” to correct Pectus Excavatum.

Training in the Pectus Up® technique among Spanish thoracic and cardiothoracic surgeons is one of the priorities of the company that created the device, Ventura Medical Technologies, as well as knowledge of the advances and benefits of the new generation.

Since its inception, improvements have been introduced based on the analysis of the satisfaction of the patient and the expert professional in the procedure. Thanks to this, the new generation of Pectus Up® has recently been presented, which increases the age range and can be carried out in cases of asymmetric Pectus Excavatum.

It is for this reason that Ventura Medical Technologies has joined forces with SECT and has brought together renowned surgeons in the country specialized in the treatment of congenital deformity Pectus Excavatum to explain their experience with one of the best techniques on the market, Pectus Up®.

The speakers at this webinar will be cardiothoracic surgeons, pediatric surgeons who are experts in thoracic malformations, specifically in Pectus Excavatum, experts in the Pectus Up technique. A nurse and an anesthesiologist will also participate.

It is important to give relevance to all the components that make the technique successful and that allow the patient to have a satisfactory trajectory throughout the process, from the moment he enters the consultation until far beyond the removal of his plate. For this reason, it has been considered relevant to introduce the role of nursing in the webinar.

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