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First surgeries in Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol from Badalona (Barcelona) with Taulinoplastia technique to fix Pectus Excavatum cases

A 39 year-old is the oldest patient operated on with this new technique from the outset of Pectus Up Surgery Kit development.

Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol (also known as Can Ruti) Thoracic Surgery Service, commanded by Dr. Pérez de Castro, has operated on two Pectus Excavatum 16 and 39 year-old patients with Taulinoplastia technique.

Dr. López de Castro’s team had previously took part on several training sessions in the university Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), arranged by Ventura Medical Technologies along with hospital Parc Taulí from Sabadell (Barcelona) with the aim of performing the Pectus Up implantation technique under optimal conditions for the patients.

The surgical session in Can Ruti involved the participation of Dr. Bernardo Núñez, Pediatric Surgery Coordinator in Hospital Taulí from Sabadell and highly worldwide experienced surgeon in Taulinoplastia, to consolidate the training in this hospital and extending it to all other professionals from other services treating Pectus Excavatum patients.

Several surgeons from pediatric and plastic surgery services in the same hospital took part in the interventions, since they had shown a great interest in the Pectus Up implantation training, considering the Taulinoplastia as the best alternative to surgically fix this pathology, with a minimally invasive approach.

Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol is a public center belonging to the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) with a high teaching level through the UAB, thus being able to disseminate the technique to all undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to other professionals from the ICS.

This way, Can Ruti hospital joins the other centers treating this thoracic deformity with the new surgical extrathoracic and minimally invasive technique named Taulinoplastia, using the Pectus Up Surgery Kit device, developed by Ventura Medical Technologies.