Ventura Medical Technologies participated in the 1st Mediterranean and Andalusian Join Congress of Pediatric Surgery which was held on 25th and 26th October 2013 in Seville, Spain. This event was organized by the Mediterranean Association of Pediatric Surgeons‘ (MAPS) and Andalusian Society of Pediatric Surgery (ACPA).

The congress was be leaded by global benchmarkers in the field of thoracic surgery, who presented the latest developments in this sector.

Ventura Medical Technologies was present at this event to support one of the most important guests, Dr. Bardají, inventor of the new minimally invasive procedure to solve the Pectus Excavatum disease (thoracic deformation characterized by having the sunken chest), who, together with a professional team of our company has developed an implant called Pectus Up, which avoids the complications that arose from the prior procedures.

At this meeting, Dr. Bardají discussed about the « New surgical technique on Pectus Excavatum » on a round table focused on the major advacements in thorax. 

Prof. Dr. Juan C de Agustín, ACPA President, emphasized to joint this congress to « interchange our difficulties in treating our children’s diseases and obtain many ideas, solutions and techniques to improve our practice and knowledge ».

Dr. Bardají introducing « New minimally invasive extrathoracic surgery for Pectus Excavatum ».