The Health Technology Cluster of Catalonia, in Spain, celebrates its first anniversary in the best possible way: it has been awarded with the Bronze Label Award by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).

Ventura Medical Technologies has been part of the HT Cluster since it was created, in 2014, alongside other prestigious companies and institutions. The HT Cluster is now open to new memberships to join in and make it grow even more. The next steps: jumping into the international market.

The Bronze Label Award is the most prestigious recognition within the clusters sector and it assesses its structure, financials, governance, services and activities, success stories, amongst others.

The HT Cluster has been found in great health. During its first year, it has doubled the number of members and it now counts thirty of them.

About the HT Cluster

The Health-Technology Cluster (HT Cluster) is established with support from the Catalan government, responding to the need to develop business competitiveness in health technologies sector in Catalonia, from the business perspective and considering participation of actors and institutions of the value chain sector.

Through a cross-sectorial vision, HT Cluster encourages and facilitates the growth of business lines based on the development and implementation of all solutions in product and service, with involvement of patient-centred technology as the end user.