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Before undergoing surgery with Pectus Up, my life was normal as long as I did not show my chest. I felt stressed in the summer because I was invited to my friends’ houses and they have swimming pools; sometimes I didn’t go because of that, the fact of giving explanations of why I used to wear t-shirts. Furthermore, I could not run a lot because I feared my heart would accelerate and I felt some pressure.

Due to my Pectus, I had an extremely sunken chest but with no complications which involved vital organs. However, it gave the feeling that the most sunken part was at 5 cm from my back.

I faced emotional repercussions, such as societal fear. Basically, I was terrified of people realising about my malformation. In fact, I used to wear huge t-shirts, an XL size and I am very thin.

I had considered surgery before learning about the Pectus Up. My mum searched all the possibilities and I was almost operated with the Nuss bar, but what she was most concerned with was the post-surgery as she had read that it was very traumatic due to the pain. She looked for other alternatives and read about the Pectus Up on a Ventura newsletter in a Colombian webpage and they contacted her by means of the representative in Chile. Before that, any doctor had mentioned the existence of this alternative to us, we guess it’s because it is relatively new. In fact, my operation was the second one in Chile.

I decided to undergo the Pectus Up operation because it was less invasive and it had a faster recovery in the post-surgery and good aesthetic results.

It would have been of great help knowing about other Pectus Up patients’ opinions and experiences. In fact, we did not have many references, but we took the risk, Dr. Herrera gave us confidence.


I learned about the Pectus Up through an email which Ventura replied to when my mum searched on the web that they had this new procedure and the representative of the prosthesis in Chile, Jorge Espinoza, sent us a wp. He told us that Dr. Patricio Herrera was the surgeon performing this method in Chile. He scheduled an appointment with the doctor.

My level of satisfaction is very good. It was the best ever, my parents were happy when they saw I was very well during the post-surgery, almost with no pain and the results have been really good. My chest looks almost normal; it has a small cleft, but it does not appear to be a Pectus, even when I had a severe one.

The level of pain from the lower (1) to the higher (10)
Recently operated: 6
After a few days: 3
After 6 months: 1
After one year: 1

I didn’t almost feel any pain; it was indeed a discomfort when trying to get up or lying in bed. As days went by, I didn’t almost feel anything, except when I got up quickly.

The recovery after a few days of the operation was quick and almost painless. After two months I nearly forgot I had undergone a surgery.

My self-confidence has improved since the operation; in fact, I started to take off the t-shirt when I was around other people, something which was unthinkable before the surgery.

I would recommend the Pectus Up to other people affected by the Pectus Excavatum because the results are really good in aesthetic terms and there is almost no pain in the post-surgery.

My level of satisfaction with the surgeon, medical team and hospital is excellent. I was operated by Dr. Patricio Herrera in Clínica Alemana and he himself and his team were very nice with me, and gave me confidence.