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Exercises recommended to improve the Pectus Excavatum

The information provided here is in no way meant to replace the advice that a professional expert may offer. Hence, you are advised to consult a professional to obtain any further information you may need or your best treatment option. (for further details: LEGAL DISCLAIMER & PRIVACY POLICY)


Below is a guide to some breathing and gymnastic exercises for patients with Pectus Excavatum to do with the goal of improving their posture and physical condition. It must be noted that doing these exercises will help both before and after surgery to provide improvements in breathing, strength and resistance without in and of themselves producing a correction of the deformity but with an improvement in muscle tone and physique in general.

The best option for improvement is undoubtedly stretching. Stretching allows the chest to stretch so the cartilage attached to the sternum and ribs can adapt to inform an upright posture. Therefore, stretching is a key factor when correcting, to an extent, the appearance of Pectus Excavatum. It must be remembered that warm-up exercises will be essential for good adaptation and to avoid over-stretching the various parts of the body on which work is done.


Breathing exercises:

This exercise needs the patient to be lying face up. Firstly, you need to breathe in until you can do so no more, until you feel pressure on the sternum. The exercise should be repeated various times. Alternatively, slowly inhale until reaching maximum lung capacity and then arch your back upwards, moving your arms underneath your body so the chest is lifted. This exercise also serves as training to reinforce the back muscles.