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Benefits of the new surgical treatment of Pectus Excavatum: the Pectus Up

  • Minimally invasive. As it uses a subcutaneous implant – Pectus Up – through a small incision to perform the operation.
  • Reduction of risk of major organ damage. As it is an extra-thoracic method, it reduces the risks of entering the chest cavity and complications are minimised.
  • Speedy return to daily life. As it is not a very painful procedure and requires little recovery time.
  • Adaptation to growth. As it is an implant which is secured on the outside of the sternum, designed to adapt well to the chest, it allows for normal chest development with no need to modify or remove the implant.
  • Correction of problems associated with Pectus Excavatum. By averting other pathologies associated with the evolution of Pectus Excavatum.
  • Shorter surgical procedure time. By reducing the complexity of the Pectus Excavatum operation.
  • Postoperative period in intermediate care.  As it is a minimally invasive method, the patient tends not to require time in the ICU.