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Pectus Up, a non-invasive treatment for Pectus Excavatum, starts up in Italy

Last June the first two surgeries with the Pectus Up were performed in Bologna.

Two male patients, aged 19 and 20, are the first users of the Pectus Up implant in Italy, specifically at Hospital Policlinico s. Orsola – Malpighi, in Bologna, the historical capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, in the north of the country.

This hospital is a benchmark center for complex chest wall diseases, where a clinical study -of which both patients are part- is being conducted  to compare the results obtained from different techniques for the treatment of Pectus Excavatum. The Pectus Up is one of these techniques.

The thoracic surgeons who performed the surgeries were Dr. Giampiero Dolci and Dr. Niccolò Daddi, after being trained in the technique in Italy by the specialized staff of Ventura Medical Technologies, the company that has developed the implant.

Furthermore, Dr. Dolci had previously been trained in the Pectus Up technique in Madrid in September 2018, under the guidance of Dr. Andrés Varela and Dr. Javier Moradiellos, both leaders in the treatment of Pectus Excavatum with the Pectus Up in Spain. In that training he was joined –the same as this time–  by Mr. Piero Malobbia, CEO of the company Conecto Srl, distributor of Pectus Up and other medical products in Europe.

Both patients’ Pectus Excavatum was symmetrical, one of them with a slight sternal rotation, and with depths to be raised of 1.5 cm and 2.5 cm respectively. The surgeries proceeded normally and the two young men are recovering favorably at home.

The Pectus Up was registered in Italy in May 2018 after the approval by the Ministero Della Salute, thus endorsing the qualities of the implant as well as the technique in terms of quality, safety and efficacy.

Since then, its expansion in Europe has continued to make progress, and it is currently available in Spain, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Greece and Slovakia.

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