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Pectus Up reinforces its presence on the Colombian Caribbean Coast with a new surgery

Colombia strengthens confidence in the Pectus Up technique to surgically fix the Pectus Excavatum.

A new surgery with the Pectus Up technique has been performed at the Clinica IMAT Oncomedica, located in the town of Montería, in the department of Córdoba. This time, the patient was a 33-year-old male; to date, the oldest patient treated with this technique in Colombia.

The surgery was in charge of Dr. Daniel José Jaller Salleg and Dr. Carmen Narváez, both chest surgeons from this institution, recognized for providing highly complex services in several specialties. Both surgeons had already performed this procedure on another patient in April of this year.

The patient, who had a moderate Pectus Excavatum, has recovered successfully and was discharged after two days of hospitalization and sent home to keep on with his postoperative care.

The Clinica IMAT Oncomedica is an important regional hospital located in the city of Montería, attended by patients from different populations near the Colombian Caribbean Coast.

Although the specialty of the IMAT is mainly oncological surgery, according to Dr. Jaller, in recent years the consultation for chest wall malformations —including the Pectus Excavatum— has increased, and the extrathoracic implant Pectus Up has provided us with an important option to correct this deformity in patients.

Shorter surgery time, fewer days of hospital stay, faster recovery and less pain in patients are some of the advantages that have motivated professionals in Colombia to implement this surgical technique in their country.

The most important thing is that the patients treated so far with this system state that they are satisfied with the surgery, recovery and correction of the injury, which supports the suitability of the treatment, also available in other American countries such as Costa Rica. , Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.