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Dr. Laureano Molins performs the first surgery in Barcelona with the new Pectus Up Surgery Kit model

Ventura Medical Technologies has developed a new Pectus Up model for the correction of the Pectus Excavatum that has been implanted in a 13-year-old Andorran patient at the Sagrat Cor Hospital in Barcelona.

Last July, an Andorran nationality patient traveled to Barcelona to undergo a surgical procedure to have her Pectus Excavatum fixed.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Laureano Molins, head of thoracic surgery at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona — who is already largely experienced in the Pectus Up technique — and by Dr. Pablo Paglialunga, a thoracic surgeon part of Dr. Molins’ team, who also relies on this innovative extrathoracic implant to treat Pectus Excavatum. Both took part in the first surgery with the new Pectus Up model at the Hospital Sagrat Cor, which broadens the prospects for patients affected by Pectus Excavatum.

Dr. Molins is a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He specializes in thoracic and general surgery, focused on conventional thoracic and videothoracoscopic surgery (without opening the thorax) and minimally invasive surgery of the Pectus Excavatum, among others

This time, the patient had a symmetrical Pectus Excavatum with a Haller index of 3.6 and 2.8 centimeters depth to be raised. The Pectus Up implantation took place successfully and the girl is recovering favorably, thanks to the benefits of this minimally invasive and extrathoracic treatment, which avoids the risk of damaging vital organs. Her mother, who accompanied her from Andorra for the surgery, even joked on social media by posting a photograph of her daughter’s X-ray, stating that for the next three years, she would officially identify herself as a cyborg.

This is the fifth Pectus Excavatum surgery with Pectus Up held at the Sagrat Cor University Hospital, one of the largest privately owned hospitals in Barcelona, ​​with high-level technology and staff, and accredited for the preparation of specialist doctors, which supports the consolidation of this innovative surgical treatment in the Quirón group nationwide.

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