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Ventura Medical Technologies (VMT), which has developed the Pectus Up (an innovative extra-thoracic surgical method for Pectus Excavatum), attended recently the 18TH CWIG MEETING. The event was held in Florence (Italy) from 14 to 16 June, and was attended by the most internationally expert surgeons in the treatment of thoracic deformities through minimally invasive techniques.

VMT’s team met prestigious thoracic and pediatric surgeons from around the world who showed great interest in the new technique and were personally presented the new surgical procedure, Taulinoplastia, and the Pectus Up function.

During the Meeting, a step-by-step procedure and a video of a surgery were played. The surgery had been performed by Dr. Manuel López and Dr. Ana Laín in April 2017, at the hospital Vall D’Hebron in Barcelona.

In the surgical session, the echocardiographic improvement of the heart (mitral valve) during the Pectus Up implantation was monitored live. Dr. Ana Laín’s presentation, named Transesophageal Echocardiography during Surgical Correction of Pediatric Pectus Excavatum: Preliminary Assessment of Intraoperative Cardiologic Changes, showed the recorded images during the surgery in Vall d’Hebron Hospital.

Seizing the attendance of the main expert surgeons in thoracic deformities treatment, Dr. Manuel López informed about the celebration of the I INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON CHEST WALL DEFORMITIES that will be held in Hospital Vall D’Hebron on 19 and 20 October 2017, where participants will be able to attend a live surgery with the Pectus Up.

More info: http://www.aulavhebron.net/aula/index.php?go=info_cursos&curso=81&idioma=es

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