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Patients from Colombia suffering Pectus Excavatum now have access to the Pectus Up surgery Kit.

Ventura Medical Technologies can start the marketing of the Pectus Up Surgery Kit in Colombia, after the resolution of INVIMA’s (National Institute for Monitoring Food and Drug Administration) medical devices and other technologies direction from 21st June 2017, through which the registration of the product is granted in the country.

Thanks to this resolution, Ventura Medical Technologies will be able to export the Pectus Up Surgery Kit to Colombia. This extrathoracic implant is the most pioneering treatment today for the Pectus Excavatum and it will be offered to all those patients suffering this pathology, so they can take advantage of this innovative technique, easy to implant and minimally invasive.

With the implantation surgical procedure of the Pectus Up, named Taulinoplastia, the patient reduces the amount of pain than with existing techniques so far, requires less days of hospitalization and enjoys a speedy recovery, as the chest cavity is not invaded during the surgery.

The opportunity of commercialize the Pectus Up in Colombia arose from Ventura Medical Technologies’ participation in the expedition organized through de ACC1Ó (Catalonia Trade & Investment) the main purpose of which was to find doctors interested in the new Taulinoplastia technique, as well as possible future distributors or local partners.

The Pectus Up received great acceptance among pediatric and thoracic surgeons’ community, who became very interested in this new product’s the market launch.

Ventura Medical will distribute the product through BIOMEDISYS COLOMBIA S.A.S, a company with a broad experience in medical devices development, renowned for its innovation ability in supplying advanced biomedical technologies, and whose aim is providing the specialists groups in Colombia innovative alternatives for treating their patients, and in so improving their quality of life.