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Removal of the plate

The device will be removed when the change in chest shape is evident. In any case, this depends on which type of Pectus Excavatum the patient has, their evolution and their age, among other factors.

Removal of the plate involves an outpatient procedure for adolescent and young adult patients and a one night stay in the hospital for the youngest patients.

Plate removal procedure:

  • Supine position; balanced general anaesthesia; intubation or laryngeal mask.
  • Incision in old scar; dissection along planes until encountering the Pectus Up; extension of the dissection towards the edges of the implant; removal of the screws and other positioning components; freeing of the Pectus Up from the scar tissue before extraction; closure by layers using absorbable material and closing up of skin using non-absorbable subcuticular sutures – removed after 10 days.

Post-operative care after plate removal:

  • Analgesia given via conventional drugs (Ibuprofen or Paracetamol) by mouth.