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Dr. Abel Nascimento

Orthopaedic surgeon

Name: Dr. Abel Nascimento

Profession: Orthopaedic Surgeon


  • Doctorate from the University René Descartes, Paris (France) and European Doctorate in Orthopedics and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in 1994.
  • Head of the QuadriplegicTreatment Team of the HUC since 1997.
  • Founder and head of the Hand Surgery / Microsurgery Unit of the HUC since 1984.
  • Director of the Institute of Reconstructive Surgery (Coimbra – Portugal)
  • Resident of Hand Surgery / Microsurgery / Research in Surgical Anatomy and Experimental Surgery at the René Descartes University, Paris (France), in 1981-1982.
  • Residency of Hand Surgery / Microsurgery in London (United Kingdom), Lausanne (Switzerland) and Louisville (United States of America) in 1983.


  • Instituto de Cirurgia Reconstrutiva
  • Hospital Da Luz Aveiro
  • Clínica da Mao


Fellowship from the French Government, the National Board of Scientific Research, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Luso Americana Foundation to carry out scientific research in Portugal, France and the United States.

Surgical cooperation with Spain and other countries.

Member of nineteen scientific societies, national and foreign.

He held the positions of Secretary, Vice President and President of the Portuguese Society of Hand Surgery.

Founding member of the European Society of Hand Surgery, he held the positions delegated to the European Federation of Surgical Societies (FESSH) and the International Federation of Surgical Societies (IFSSH).

Founding member of the Narakas Club (Brachial Plexus) and Tubiana Club (Hand Surgery).