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Dr. José Marcelo Galbis

Thoracic Surgeon

Name: Dr. José Marcelo Galbis

Profession: Thoracic Surgeon


  • Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Medicine of Valencia, during the years 1983-1989.
  • Doctorate: Doctor in Surgery. Department of Surgery of the University of Valencia. Reading date: November 1997. Rating: Cum Laude.
  • Medical Internhsip residence (MIR): Thoracic Surgery Service in Hospital General Universitario de Valencia.

Current position:

Head of Thoracic Surgery Service. Hospital de La Ribera. December 2008 – present.
Consultant of the Hospital Intermutual de Levante: 2009 – present.
Respiratory Area Coordinator. Hospital de La Ribera. November 2011 – present.
President of the SECT Foundation..June 2014-2018
President of the Research Commission of the Hospital de la Ribera. August 2015 – present.


Member of Scientific Societies: 16.

Master in Medical Management and Clinical Management (3rd edition).
Training program in Healthcare Area provided by the Universidad a Distancia (UNED), the Escuela Nacional de Sanidad (ENS) and the Ministerio de Salud Carlos III. 2005 – 2007.
National / international publications: 112.

Author – co-author in 42 book chapters.
Speeches at national conferences: 342.

Research lines: senior researcher in 21 projects on lung carcinoma.

Teaching activity:
1. Qualified by ANECA as a professor hired doctor.
2. Three 6-year terms Research activity according to the report of the national commission evaluating the research activity (CNEAI): sections 1993-2000 / 2001-2006 / 2007-2012.
3. Doctoral Thesis: direction of nine Doctoral Theses.
Other activities:
1. Speaker 43 times in Congresses / Courses.
2. Director of 19 Thoracic Surgery Training Courses.