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Two patients travel to Barcelona to undergo a surgery with Taulinoplastia technique

A patient coming from Malaga and a second one from Peru have travelled to Barcelona (Spain) to fix their Pectus Excavatum with the Tauliniplastia technique.

Both surgeries have been performed in Hospital Sagrat Cor and in Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya by Dr. Daniel Garcia Paricio, plastic surgeon from Centro Médico Teknon, also in Barcelona.

They have been hospitalized for two days and they are recovering in their home towns after having been discharged.

First experience having several specialties collaboration

The distinctive feature of one of these surgeries has been the coordination between pediatric and plastic surgery professionals, each one with their own skills in both specialties and coming from different cities in Spain. Two surgeons from Grupo Quirón have jointly in a single Pectus Excavatum intervention.

This is the first time that a doctor is travelling with his patient to be operated on with the Taulinoplastia technique. Dr. Fernando Ibáñez Cerrato, pediatric surgeon from Grupo Quirón in Málaga (Spain) has received the training on this new surgical method and thus been able to participate in the operation. By proceeding this way, the doctor can make a post-operation patient monitoring near his habitual residence, thus avoiding unnecessary stages and travels.



Lourdes Camp, CEO of Ventura Medical Technologies, has pointed that “being minimally invasive and with a quick recovery time, this technique allows patients to go back smoothly to their countries after the postoperative period. There are more and more international patients requesting Taulinoplastia interventions”.

Taulinoplastia, the Pectus Excavatum intervention using the Pectus Up Surgery Kit, keeps moving forward with its expansion all over the world. The fact that two patients have travelled from Peru and Málaga to Barcelona to undergo this surgery is confirming the good acceptance of the technique at international level.