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Due to the recognition received by Ventura Medical Technologies for the Public Private Partnership for the “Pectus Excavatum” project within the ESADE Partners  program and Unió Catalana d’Hospitals, the company was invited on 7th March to teach a class at ESADE.

The meeting was conducted in English within the International Management Master program for students of many nationalities, to publicize key points of collaboration between two companies from different fields (medical and industrial) and different sectors (public and private) in order to develop a common project.

At the conference various relevant steps of cooperation were discussed in detail such as who provided the initial idea, what was provided each partner, the difficulties that had to be overcome, and the success key factors in this type of collaboration. The session concluded with a discussion between students and lecturers.

The class was led by Dr. Lourdes Camp and Eng. Lluís Cassou with the collaboration of Dr. Bardají.