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Ventura Medical Technologies

The intellectual capital of healthcare professionals is an inexhaustible source of new ideas which are of benefit both to the patients and to the medical profession in general.

Ventura Medical Technologies is an international company which provides innovative solutions to people’s healthcare needs. The company handles all the stages in the development of a new medical technology through to its successful usage to the benefit of patient needs that are yet to be covered, providing industrial sector experience and know-how.

Visit our site: www.venturamedicaltechnologies.com


  • We investigate the need for a new technological solution
  • We enhance the original idea with our know-how, engineering and design
  • We develop prototypes and manufacture the final product
  • We ensure compliance with legal and administrative regulations
  • We generate the necessary marketing tools to publicise the innovative solutions within the scientific communitiy and patients
  • We facilitate the commercialization of the new technology at the national and international levels

  • VMT’s Mission:
    Development, industrialisation and commercialisation of innovative technological solutions with great added value for the diagnosis and treatment of people’s health problems.
  • VMT’s Vision:
    To be an international benchmark company in the implementation and commercialization of innovative technology in the health sector and to boost entrepreneurship.


Excellence: based on the specialisation of our professionals, the continuous improvement and the reliability of our products – guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Commitment: we promote long-term alliances and guarantee confidentiality with our clients and collaborators.

Professional experience: we invest all our capacities, knowledge, talent and effort in achieving the objectives, with the utmost responsibility, seriousness and involvement.

Honesty: we correspond to the trust that patients, clients and collaborators have placed in us or in our products, with institutional loyalty and being consistent with the values of the company.

Constructive spirit: we create work environments that promote creativity, talent and differentiation, to develop innovative technological solutions.