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Around fifty surgeons specialized in chest wall deformities attended the 1st International Workshop on Taulinoplastia held in Hospital Parc Taulí and conducted by Dr. Bernardo Núñez, Dr. Nuria Brun and Dr. Laureano Molins.

The event was attended by surgeons from several hospitals of Catalonia, Madrid, San Sebastián, Majorca, Saragossa… as well as international professionals coming from Peru, Russia, United Kingdom and Morocco, among other assistants.

It was a very participative session, in which the interest for this new surgical technique for Pectus Excavatum treatment has been significant among all attendees. The planning of the meeting allowed to introduce the experiences and expertise of Dr. Bernardo Núñez and Dr. Laureano Molins with the Taulinoplstia technique, as well as it enabled to envision a patient surgery in 3D with Dr. Núñez’s live feedback, who was also able to share his impressions during the demonstrations with the Pectus Up surgery kit.

Dr. Molins during his presentation

It has been proved that exchanging opinions with expert surgeons in surgical treatment of Pectus Excavatum may lead our company to a product improvement and also to a contribution to the surgical technique itself.

Slightly over a year ago, and after a long process of experimentation and development in Hospital Parc Taulí, the Pectus Up is being marketed and spreading to other regions of Spain and France, allowing us to rely on many surgeons being able to facilitate training to other professionals interested in Taulinoplastia, as well as to expand the technique to more cities and countries.

The company’s goal is to achieve the highest position of the new technology worldwide and, for this, it requires the synergies and collaboration of professionals like the workshop participants, who can provide their knowledge in the technique to the candidate patients for this treatment, as well as offer the benefits of this extrathoracic, less painful and easy recovery method. As Dr. Núñez said in his presentation, it has many advantages for the patient and also for the surgeons, besides reducing costs in hospital centers.