Pectus Up patient testimonials

Knowing the testimonials of patients operated with Pectus Up helps patients understand the benefits of the Pectus Up corrective implant. With Pectus Up, the patient can carry out the activities of daily life normally.


The balance I make of the experience is globally excellent. When they told us about the new surgical technique, it gave me some peace of mind. I had to wait almost two years before the operation while the corresponding permits were approved in my Community. Although I was looking forward to turning the page and having surgery, my parents and I decided to wait. Eventually, it was a total success.

AM, 18 años – Valladolid, España

Testimonio Diego

Before the operation, I had a very pronounced sag in my chest, my scapulae were very pronounced, and I had a very stooped posture. I had considered having surgery before learning about Pectus Up. I decided to have Pectus Up surgery because it was the least invasive option.

Diego B., 12 – México

Dr. Daniel Alejandro Munguía Canales

Dr. Daniel Alejandro Munguía Canales


Recovery a few days after surgery was quick and almost painless. Two months later I hardly even remembered that I had had surgery. My life before the surgery was normal as long as I didn’t show my chest. In the summer I was stressed because I was invited to friends’ houses who have swimming pools; sometimes I didn’t go for the same reason: explaining why I always wore a shirt. I could neither run much for fear of making my heart race too fast and I felt a bit of pressure.

Felipe, Chile

Dr. Patricio Herrera Oroz

Testimonio Americano

Before I was treated of Pectus Excavatum, my daily life was uncomfortable.

Going out anywhere became stressful as the shirt stuck to my body and made the sinking evident.

Adrián, – México


“I would recommend the Pectus Up to other people affected by Pectus Excavatum”
As a child, being affected by Pectus Excavatum, I was ashamed to go to the pool with my friends. It did not prevent me from doing any physical activity, but it did have to be done with great care, as the Pectus caused slight respiratory and heart problems.

Alfonso M., – España


Before learning about the Pectus Up, I had considered having surgery but it was not until I learned about the technique that I came to this conclusion”

Before undergoing surgery with Pectus Up, my life was the same, but I suffere