First Webinar for patients with Pectus Excavatum organized by surgeons specialised in Pectus Up

On Tuesday 16th June, Ventura Medical Technologies held a webinar session on Pectus Up for all Spanish-speaking people interested in learning about the new extrathoracic technique to fix the Pectus Excavatum.

We are experiencing an exceptional situation with some paradigm changes that are affecting and will affect communication between people. #Digitization has acquired an essential role for any Company, and the healthcare sector is one of those that will also notice how relationships between patients and healthcare professionals will change.

Ventura Medical Technologies could not ignore such a situation which also involves Pectus Excavatum patients. First, we did an online training #workshop in the #pectusup technique for thoracic surgeons in Costa Rica, and then we did this first webinar aimed at people interested in this thoracic malformation. Attendants were able to solve their concerns with surgeons who are experts in Pectus Up and Pectus Excavatum in general, without leaving their homes. #stayhome.

The speakers for this webinar were Dr. Carlos Rodríguez, a thoracic surgeon at the Hospital Militar Central and the Clínica Internacional VIP (Bogota, Colombia) and Dr. Patricio Herrera, a pediatric surgeon at the Hospital Dr. Exequiel González Cortés and the Clínica Alemana (Santiago, Chile), both experts in thoracic malformations, in the Pectus Excavatum, and specifically in the Pectus Up technique. The surgeons personally answered the questions asked by those attending the session. Watch video and chat.

The organizers were Biomedisys, Pectus Up distribution company in Colombia; Pectus Chile, distribution company in Chile and Ventura Medical Technologies.

The partners included:

  • Sumedical CR (distribution company in Costa Rica)
  • Maxbetsa (distribution company in Ecuador)
  • Nnova Mederi (distribution company in Mexico)
  • Thoracic surgeons:
    • Costa Rica. San José. Dr. Ricardo Alfaro, Hospital San Juan de Dios; Dra. Andrea Mata, Hospital Calderon Guardia and Hospital La Católica; Dr. Albert Bolaños, Hospital Calderon Guardia; Dr. William Guido Guerrero, Hospital Calderon Guardia, Dr. José Alberto Mainieri Hidalgo, Hospital Calderon Guardia.
    • Ecuador. Quito. Dr. Hugo Dario Guaman, Hospital Carlos Andrade Marín.
    • Mexico. Dr. Daniel Munguia, Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI, Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad Bicentenario de Tultitlan and Hospitals from Grupo Ángeles.

70 people from different Latin American countries were connected at the webinar. Read questions and answers here.

Letter of a Pectus Up testimonial who participated in the webinar. Read the letter.