On 10th October the 1st Conference of Catalan Society of Educational Innovation and Training for Simulation in Health Sciences will be held at L’Acadèmia Can Caralleu and at the 4D Health Igualada Center (Igualada Hospital).

The 4D Health is a center of innovation in Simulation where clinical processes are recreated  in a whole context, not only at hospital setting but also at primary health care or extra hospital level.

The meeting will facilitate interaction and mutual knowledge among health science educators and biomedical engineering researchers interested in medical simulation.

Dr. Ian Curran a specialized doctor in anesthesiology and resuscitation in the UK, will hold a conference entitled “Health Training through simulation. Impact on actual practice”. Since 2013 he occupies, among others, the position of Senior Clinical Advisor to the National Director of Education and Quality within the NHS Health Education England. He has dedicated, throughout his career, special focus on innovation in Simulation to all health professionals.

The aim of the workshop debate is to be a reflection on the functional requirements and of usability that must satisfy the serious games. It will be based on a use case: “heart surgery” and a non-commercial prototype of serious game will be used, designed by the Computer Graphics Division of the Biomedical Engineering Research Center (CREB) of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

Ventura Medical Technologies is developing different innovation projects in the medical technology, new methods of diagnosis treatment and new products that require the professionals a previous learning. Now Ventura is working on a Simulation Program for a new product, Pectus Up Surgery Kit, to achieve a surgical correction of Pectus Excavatum.

The innovation in training and education of health professionals is one of the keys to the implementation of new technologies in health, and the process simulation is a guarantee for an optimal knowledge of new techniques and products.