When people have been diagnosed pectus excavatum, maybe wish to correct their concave chest. It is relevant to understand how severe it’s your concave chest, and select the method or methods best suited for your particular case.

Among the different treatments for Pectus excavatum, it is relevant to differentiate those belonging to conservative and aesthetic, or coadjuvant treatment from those belonging to corrective procedures. Most of the time, we identify separately non-invasive treatment from surgical treatment. But over recent years, this does not always coincide as in the case of the extrathoracic surgical technique for Pectus Up.

Pectus excavatum (PEX) is a deformity that can treat since infancy. Any particular case is different from the others, and consequently, every treatment must adapt to every patient. Depending on the severity, some treatments can be correctives, based or not, on surgical methods.

When a child is born with a moderate or low concave chest, it is advisable monitoring of the growing with a pediatric surgeon. For these patients, correcting their pectus excavatum with a non-surgical treatment can be considered it, being the Vacuum bell the most effective option. Daily use of Vacuum Bell during hours can achieve a medium-long term an improvement in the pectus excavatum, becoming an adequate solution to correct minor concave chest, and/or starting a pre-surgical treatment.   

The severity of pectus excavatum can affect cardiac and lung function. In those cases, it is highly recommendable to choose surgical corrective treatment. In the group of corrective surgical methods, the recommendable technique for most patients is the Pectus Up. Unlike known techniques such as Nuss or Ravitch, among others, the Pectus Up Technique is extrathoracic. That’s means there is no risk of damage vital organs. With a shorter time for recovery and no need for Intensive Care Unit or morphine drugs post-surgery, the concave chest definitively corrects, allowing to keep daily life activities such coming back to school or the office.

Whatever your preference to correct your concave chest, a surgeon must analyze your case prior advice you. Did you know you can discover if your case is suitable for the Pectus Up Technique? Contact us here and let us know about you.