After the first training on Taulinoplastia that was achieved last October in Bogota with the new extrathoracic implant Pectus Up, to fix Pectus Excavatum, the first surgery has been successfully performed on a patient affected by this chest wall deformity in this newly started 2018.

More than a hundred surgeons, both thoracic and pediatric, have taken part in two theoretical and practical sessions coordinated by the company Biomedisys SAS, in Bogotá and Pasto, in the south of Colombia, where there is a high Pectus Excavatum occurrence among the child population. Both workshops have been led by thoracic surgeon Dr. Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Sabogal and thoracic surgeon Dr. Fernando Fierro Ávila.

Dr. Fierro Ávila was the one performing the first Taulinoplastia surgery on a 13 year-old patient in Bogota. Along with him there were also doctors Juan Javier Valero Halaby and Jorge Ricardo Beltran, who also had previously participated in the training sessions.

Dr. Juan Javier Valero Halaby is the current chair of the Colombian Society of Pediatric Surgery, and works in Hospital Infantil de la Misericordia and Hospital San Blas in Bogota. As for Dr. Jorge Ricardo Beltrán, he provides his services in the Clínica Colombia Colsanitas and in San Ignacio University Hospital.

When it comes to Dr. Fierro, he had already attended a training course in Barcelona, Spain, to learn this new technique at the end of September 2017, which makes him, along with Dr. Carlos Rodríguez, as opinion leaders to treat Pectus Excavatum with an extrathoracic and minimally invasive approach.

The surgery was performed in Hospital Infantil la Misericordia (HOMI) in the city of Bogota. This hospital has become the first health institution to operate on patients with the innovative Taulinoplastia technique in the Americas.

The surgery was very successful, the surgeons were satisfied with this new procedure and the patient underwent a very positive evolution and experienced little postoperative pain.