pectus up en francia

The number of surgeons worldwide adopting this innovative technique to correct Pectus Excavatum continues to grow.

On October 27th, the first Pectus Up New Generation implantation was performed in Saint-Etienne, France, on a 15 year old patient suffering from Pectus Excavatum, by Dr. Arnaud Patoir, thoracic surgeon at the Hôpital privé de la Loire – Ramsay Santé.

Dr. Arnaud Patoir, a specialist in thoracic surgery, is renowned for his long career and contribution to the correction of Pectus Excavatum.

The intervention was carried out in a very successful manner, which took only 30 minutes and where the surgeon was able to verify the simplicity of the Pectus Up New Generation technique and the safety of the entire surgical procedure compared to other techniques.

In addition to the numerous surgeons who have already introduced Pectus Up as an alternative in the surgical treatment of Pectus Excavatum, other surgeons are adopting this innovative technique in their surgical practice, either because of its simplicity, its quick learning curve or its lack of complications.

The great confidence it generates among professionals makes the Pectus Up New Generation an excellent option for the correction of Pectus Excavatum.

As it is an extrathoracic procedure, it has a practically painless postoperative period and a much quicker recovery period. It also offers the option for adult and paediatric patients, with different degrees of asymmetry, to benefit from this treatment.

If you live in France and are planning a treatment, if Pectus Up is the implant you need to correct your Pectus Excavatum, contact us and explain your case.