Last April the first surgery with Pectus Up New Generation for the correction of Pectus Excavatum was performed in a hospital outside the metropolitan region.

The intervention with the new generation of Pectus Up was performed at the Hospital Base de Linares on a 15 year old patient with asymmetric Pectus Excavatum, demonstrating once again that this technique is advancing by leaps and bounds in the correction of this pathology, allowing patients of all ages and degrees of asymmetry to be treated.

The experienced chest surgeon who led the case was the head of the hospital’s surgery service, Dr. Fernando Benavides A., together with the trained specialists, Dr. Dickson Acosta and Dr. Osvaldo Palma, who stand out in the province for their willingness and willingness to help the citizens of the commune in and out of their speciality.

We are grateful for the administrative steps taken by the Hospital Base de Linares who made this intervention possible, demonstrating their unconditional support for the health care of the patients of the province who from today will be able to benefit from the innovative solution Pectus Up New Generation to solve their Pectus Excavatum.

We would also like to thank the company that makes this possible, Pectus Chile, the official distributor of Pectus Up New Generation in the country, who are constantly committed to supporting teaching activities and extending this technique so that it is available to all patients and specialists in paediatric surgery and thoracic surgery in Chile.

Already more than 250 patients have been treated for their Pectus Excavatum with the Pectus Up technique in countries on different continents. Professionals from all over the world trust and opt more and more for this minimally invasive extrathoracic surgical method developed by Ventura Medical Technologies.