A pediatric patient with Pectus Excavatum has been successfully operated with Pectus Up® at the Hospital Dr. Exequiel González Cortés.

A new successful extrathoracic corrective operation with Pectus Up New Generation in Chile. The operation was performed by Dr. Patricio Herrera, thoracic surgeon at the Hospital Dr. Exequiel González Cortés and Clínica Alemana in Santiago de Chile, and a reference in the Pectus Up technique in this country. Dr. Herrera has a long trajectory in the correction of thoracic wall malformations such as Pectus Excavatum and contributes to train other surgeons in this important surgical technique in different regions of Chile.

The procedure was assisted by doctors specialized in pediatric surgery, Dr. Alejandra Ovalle and Dr. Claudia Norambuena, both pediatric surgeons at the same hospital where the successful intervention took place.

The company that makes it possible for the new procedure to reach hospitals in Chile is Pectus Chile, official distributor of the Pectus Up in the country.

Ventura Medical Technologies celebrates the success of the interventions performed in Chile, and appreciates the confidence in its innovative state-of-the-art system as a definitive solution for its patients with Pectus Excavatum. The technique is optimal for surgeons due to its simplicity and proven efficiency, as well as for patients and their families, due to the safety it guarantees and the little pain they experience in the postoperative period.

The Pectus Up New Generation offers a definitive solution for correcting Pectus Excavatum in patients, both children and adults, with different typologies, including asymmetry. With this innovative technique, no element is introduced into the thoracic cavity, which minimizes the risks and achieves a speedy recovery, thus opening up new perspectives for the corrective treatment of this malformation.