HealthTech Cluster and CataloniaBio merge for growth and biomedical business network projection

CataloniaBio, catalan business association within the field of life sciences and health, and HealthTech Cluster, promoting competitiveness in technology sector, board of which Ventura Medical Technologies is member, start together a new phase. Both organizations have agreed to constitute as CataloniaBio & HealthTech association, after a stage of negotiations held throughout the year 2017. This new entity has the institutional support of ACCIÓ.

With this CataloniaBio & HealthTech merger, based in Parc Científic of Barcelona, will represent more than 170 companies, both from SME sector and microenterprises and big corporations covering part of the markets of medicinal products and medical devices development, scientific and non-scientific services, and diagnostic tests, among others. It will also represent other collaborating agents as pioneering R+D+I universities, research centers and hospitals. This way, the fields of medical technologies, biopharma and digital health will agglutinate in a single action group, in accordance with the needs arising from the sector evolution.

CataloniaBio & HealthTech will have 7 strategic guidelines: innovation and technological transfer, international alliances, investment and finance, talent management, regulatory framework, communication and internal and external networking.

There will be a new managing board for the 4 coming years, after a calling for elections that will be open on 9 January. The electoral period will be from 25 January to 7 February 2018.