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Dr. Manuel López Paredes has performed a new surgery with the Pectus Up Surgery Kit in 30 year-old patient who came all the way from Israel to be operated on at the Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona.

Dr. López made the first intervention at the Dexeus Hospital, belonging to Quirónsalud Group, along with Dr. Javier Bueno, using the new extrathoracic implant developed by Ventura Medical Technologies.

The patient stayed in hospital for two days and now he is recovering in his hometown after receiving medical discharge.

The surgery was also attended by Dr. Javier Pérez, attending physician of the Thoracic Surgery Department of the Hospital Valle de Hebrón in Barcelona.
Dr. Manuel López is the current head of Pediatric Surgery at Hospital Valle de Hebrón, as well as a world leader in the treatment of chest wall deformities with several surgical techniques, both in children and adult patients. On the other hand, Dr. Javier Bueno is the head of Pediatric and Digestive Transplants in the same hospital.

Dr. López stated that «there are more and more international patients who are currently consulting to be operated on with the Pectus Up, as it is a quick recovery technique».

The Pectus Up, the minimally invasive technique for the surgical treatment of Pectus Excavatum, continues to expand and become known all around the world. The fact that this patient has moved from Israel to Barcelona be operated on confirms that the technique is internationally enlarging its borders.

Ventura Medical Technologies is currently marketing the Pectus Up in Spain, France and Portugal in Europe, and in Colombia in Latin America. Soon, affected patients of Pectus Excavatum living in the United Kingdom, Italy and Mexico will also be able to benefit from this innovative technique