This summer 2023, the Clinique St. George located at Nice has successfully realized its first corrective surgery for this thoracic deformity with the Pectus Up Technique.

Pectus Up is a revolutionary implant but also an innovative technique created specifically correct pectus excavatum (PEX). Made in Barcelona (Spain) nowadays, this implant is present in France exclusively on its latest generation known as Pectus Up New Generation.

For the occasion of this new surgery placed at Nice, the Pectus Up Technique has reached the Provence-Côte-d’Azur handled by Dr. Cédric Perrotin, a cardio-thoracic surgeon working at Clinique St. George. Dr. Perrotin is an expert in chest wall deformities, cancer surgeries (lung cancer, pleural cancer, thoracic oncology, and mediastinal cancer), and additionally to other surgical pathologies (lung, pleura, pericardium, diaphragm, plunging goiter).

The surgery, conducted by Dr. Perrotin was a success, achieving a correction of pectus excavatum in an adult, the first done in Nice. This first surgery represents the new future for the Clinique St. George, which will keep offering Pectus Up Technique as truly minimal-invasive surgery (MIRPE) with no postoperative risk for their health patients affected by pectus excavatum.

The Clinique St. George is the second French hospital to reach the Global Pectus Up Community, approaching patients with the novelty of extrathoracic implantation of Pectus Up New Generation and its benefits as amazing-fast recovery with little pain after surgery, among others.

Pectus Up New Generation reached France last 2022, handled by Dr. Patoir at the Hôpital privé de la Loire – Ramsay Santé (at Saint-Étienne in the east-center region of Rhône-Alpes), who has been involved with Pectus Up since the first model implanted in the French territory in 2017.

If you are affected by Pectus Excavatum and live in France, and maybe you are wondering if the Pectus Up is the implant you need to correct your Pectus Excavatum, we can help you with that.

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