The second surgery with Pectus Up Surgery Kit in Colombia took place last 19 January, from hands of Dr. Ricardo López, head of thoracic surgery service in Hospital Central de la Policía Nacional, in Bogota. 

Dr. Ricardo López Palacio is a specialist in thoracic surgery, expert in thoracic oncology, interventional endoscopy and minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery. He studied in Universidad del Bosque, in Bogota, as well as in Centennial Medical Center and Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, in Nashville (USA).

Dr. López, chief of thoracic surgery service in the Hospital Central de la Policía Nacional in Bogota, has performed more than 210 Pectus Excavatum surgical interventions using several techniques, until culminating his career with the Pectus Up Surgery Kit implantation to the first patient operated on in this hospital.

The doctor’s extensive experience in chest deformities reveals his involvement in innovations in this field, among which is the Taulinoplastia, that proved to be of great interest to him from the outset.

The surgery, which was also attended by Dr. Andrés Jiménez, pediatric surgeon in Hospital la Fe, in Bogota, was performed on a 13 year-old patient.

This time, Dr. López received support of Dr. Carlos Rodríguez, head of thorax surgery in Hospital Militar in Bogota, who led along Dr. Fernando Fierro, pediatric surgeon in Hospital de la Misericordia (HOMI), the training workshops held in various Colombian regions, particularly in Bogota and El Pasto (in the south of Colombia, on the border with Ecuador).

Hospital Central de la Policía Nacional, based in Bogota, is a high complexity hospital with a wide range of services and specialties, including thoracic surgery.

The new Taulinoplastia technique allows fixing Pectus Excavatum with a minimally invasive approach, with a short hospitalization period and a quick recovery time, thanks to the Pectus Up Surgery Kit, extrathoracic implant developed by Ventura Medical Technologies.

Colombia is the first country in the American continent to market this innovative surgical system, but the Pectus Up keeps on sailing the seas of the world, since currently is in registration process in other Latin-American countries, such as Mexico and Peru.