A 10 year old pediatric patient with Pectus Excavatum has been successfully operated with Pectus Up ® at the Central Police Hospital in Bogota.

A new successful extrathoracic corrective operation with Pectus Up in the city of Bogota. The intervention has been carried out by Dr. Rafael Peña, specialist in pediatric surgery of the Central Police Hospital in Bogota where the intervention has been carried out, and with a long trajectory in the correction of malformations of the thoracic wall as the Pectus Excavatum. This is the second intervention performed with the Pectus Up New Generation.

The procedure was assisted by the Colombian expert and professor specialized in thoracic surgery, Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Sabogal, who is a referent of Pectus Up in the country, having contributed to train other surgeons in this important surgical technique in different regions of Colombia.

Ventura Medical Technologies celebrates the success of the interventions performed by Dr. Rafael Peña and Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Sabogal in Colombia, and appreciates the confidence in its innovative state-of-the-art system as a definitive solution for its patients with Pectus Excavatum. The technique is optimal for surgeons due to its simplicity and proven efficiency, as well as for patients’ families, due to the safety guaranteed inside and outside the operating room.