Doctors Mariano García Yuste and José María Matilla have surgically operated on two new Pectus Excavatum cases through the innovative Pectus Up Technique, in the Hospital Clínico of Valladolid, in Spain.

Pectus Up, a reference in Valladolid

With these two new operations in Valladolid, the Pectus Up has proved to be taking over other techniques. There has been a total of eight Pectus Up procedures in this hospital. Valladolid has become a benchmark in surgical interventions with Pectus Up in Castilla y León Spanish region.

Innovation is a key factor

Ventura Medical Technologies and the medical teams taking part in the Pectus Up project are constantly seeking innovation. Specifically in Valladolid, during these operations, Dr. Yuste’s surgical team has used a new clamping system for the implant, which offers an alternative for the plate fixing to the sternum. This has been confirmed by Ventura Medical Technologies’ engineering department manager, Lluis Cassou: “This system eases the plate cerclage and allows a better grip to ribs and sternum”. With this initiative, continuous evolution both in the technique and in the product is confirmed.

The facilities of the Hospital Clínico in Valladolid have also been renovated and recently two state-of-the-art operating rooms have been opened. These two surgeries allow direct access to the patient’s medical history and the possibility of viewing the intervention in real-time. This hospital, with an area of influence of 235000 inhabitants, consolidates its assistance activity and sets up an excellent environment for innovation.

Pectus Up continues to significantly grow in Spain and more and more surgeons and patients are showing interest in this innovative surgical technique which treats Pectus Excavatum cases in a minimally invasive way.