First and successful Taulinoplastia intervention to surgically repair a Pectus Excavatum performed by a plastic surgeon: Dr. Daniel García Paricio

Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor has operated on a new Pectus Excavatum patient with the Taulinoplastia technique. The surgeon in charge of the surgery is Dr. Daniel García Paricio, plastic surgeon in Centro Médico Teknon in Barcelona, relying on Dr. Manuel López Paredes’ collaboration, paediatric surgeon and head of Paediatric Surgery Service in Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona.

This is the first time a plastic surgeon performs a Pectus Excavatum surgical repair through this new technique. After the doctor, the inclusion of a plastic surgery professional in this kind of interventions offers a high added value to this new technique.

Dr. García Paricio, first plastic surgeon to operate on through Taulinoplastia

Daniel Garcia Paricio is Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) specialized in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. He is renown as one of the best experts in this discipline in Spain. He is member of the Sociedad Catalana yEspañola de Cirugía Plástica.

For this surgery, he has relied this time on Dr. Manuel Fernández-Garrido collaboration. He is a plastic surgeon expert in microsurgery having notoriously contributed to the aesthetic result of the Taulinoplastia.

“To perform this kind of surgery we have made a minimal incision into the skin and a retro-muscle level dissection (pectoralis major muscle). To close the incision we have placed subcutaneous and intradermic sutures, as well as an adipose tissue graft to regularize the thoracic section”, remarks Dr. García Paricio.

With this surgery, Taulinoplastia technique begins its journey and consolidates within a new specialty.

Plastic surgery inclusion in this kind of interventions opens up new possibilities for patients affected by Pectus Excavatum, giving them better aesthetic results.