The scientific publication of international dissemination Annals of Cardiothoracic Surgery (ACS), dedicated to the field of cardiothoracic surgery, has released a scientific paper on clinical trial results on the technique of Taulinoplastia, its features and advantages.

The article is titled: Taulinoplastia: the traction technique—a new extrathoracic repair for Pectus Excavatum and their authors are Carles Bardají, head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery Health Corporation and University Parc Tauli of Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain), and Lluís Cassou, engineer and product manager of Ventura Medical Technologies.

The article shows the results of the clinical trial.Doctor Bardají and engineer Cassou stated: “results are very encouraging. The main proved advantage is that the invasion of the mediastinum and pleural cavity is avoided in order to reduce the major complications of MIRPE (reparación minimally invase repair of pectus excavatum) and the risk of injury to vital organs”

“the main goal of the new technique is to offer a less invasive treatment option to cure this disease, particularly in patients who are afraid of being operated by other more invasive procedures. For this reason, patients suffering from pectus excavatum have been operated mostly too late, a fact that generates a defect progression and increases surgical difficulties for repair “.

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This current edition has the focus on congenital deformity Pectus Excavatum, under the direction of guest editor, Professor Hans Pilegaard. Topics included are based on the most current therapies of this condition repair as well as on its prospects. Park Joo Hyung articles, Frank-Martin Haecker, Robert Kelly, Robert Obermeyer, Donald Nuss included, and many more prestigious international surgeons.

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