The 2nd Talent Forum in biomedical engineering was held last 14 march 2018, organized by Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), University of Barcelona (UB) and University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) of Barcelona, along with FENIN and CataloniaBio &HealthTech.

The 2nd Talent Forum in biomedical engineering, aimed at master graduates and biomedical engineering students, was held in the Barcelona East School of Engineering (EEBE) – UPC. Following the success of the first edition, which included the participation of more than 20 companies and 250 students and graduates, this second edition was celebrated to ease the employment among students and biomedical engineering graduates and medical technology companies.

Biomedical engineering graduates are key factors in the development and the innovation of healthcare technology sector, since they have an interdisciplinary training that integrates engineering knowledge and skills with medicine expertise.Ventura Medical Technologies has wanted to be part of this event, as it poses a common space where healthcare companies and students and graduates can share cooperation initiatives and creating bounds for potential collaborations. The company is always welcoming students in their last year in order to encourage mutual learning and professional and personal enrichment in both senses.

Ventura Medical Technologies is aware of biomedical engineering importance, which applies the concepts, principles, and methods of engineering to problems in biomedicine. Thanks in large part to this discipline, the extrathoracic implant Pectus Up Surgery Kit has been implemented, developed and extended to a large number of countries in Europe and America. Pectus Up is an implant for Pectus Excavatum fixing, much less invasive than traditional methods, involving a shorter recovery period and allowing the return to normal life in very little time.