Patients with Pectus Excavatum from different countries worldwide choose Barcelona to be operated by thoracic surgeons specialized in the Pectus Up technique with a great international recognition.

Last February, a Brazilian patient came to Spain to undergo surgery for her Pectus Excavatum at the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor in Barcelona by Dr. Manuel López Paredes and Dr. María Díaz Hervás, both pediatric surgeons at the Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona.

Dr. López, head of pediatric surgery at the Hospital Vall d’Hebron, has successfully operated on several patients from all over the world who have travelled expressly to Spain to treat their Pectus Excavatum and is internationally recognized for his experience in the treatment of chest wall deformities and for being a reference in the Pectus Up technique.

Dr. López and Dr. Díaz, in charge of leading the successful surgery, are part of the Bioengineering, Cell Therapy and Surgery in Congenital Malformations group of the Institut de Recerca de Vall Hebron, Dr. López as group leader and Dr. Díaz as a researcher.

As for the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor, it is a hospital center integrated in the Sistema Sanitari Integral d’Utilització Publica de Catalunya (SISCAT) and is part of the Grupo Hospitalario Quirónsalud, the largest hospital group in Europe. This hospital has been performing interventions with Pectus Up since 2017, being one of the pioneers in this technique at national and international level.

More than 250 patients have already been treated for their Pectus Excavatum with the Pectus Up technique both in hospitals in Spain and in other countries in different continents. Professionals from all over the world trust and opt more and more for this minimally invasive extrathoracic surgical method developed by Ventura Medical Technologies.